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Two Bunch Palms COVID 19 Response

At Two Bunch Palms, we take our responsibility to protect the health of our guests, staff and community with the highest level of commitment. In addition to the operational changes we’ve made, we’ve provided a more detailed explanation of our cleaning and safety program based upon guidance from the CDC, WHO as well as local, state and federal authorities.  We are staying dynamic and will continue to provide updates as they are available.

Our program consists of the following health and safety priorities:

Hand Sanitizer:  Automatic dispensing hand sanitizers are located throughout the property.

Guest Personal Protective Equipment: Guests are required to wear masks in all common areas of the property, subject to state and local law. Extra masks will be available at the front desk.

Reduced In-Room Touch Points: We have removed non-essential items from your room. Items will be substituted with information on our compendium,

Staff Safety and Personal Protective Equipment: Staff have been provided with masks and are required to wear them throughout the property. Staff have been provided training on best practices for social distancing, handwashing, sanitizing and use of PPE. Staff have also been instructed to stay home if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and we have implemented a sick leave policy to incentivize responsible behavior. Likewise, we really have to ask our guests to provide the same consideration in return. If any guest is experiencing symptoms or has any concerns around their possible exposure to infected people, we have to ask you to postpone your plans to visit us.

Housekeeping Services: We hold our staff and physical property to the highest standards of health and safety, including regular sanitation and internal protocols for cleaning following guidelines set by the CDC and the WHO.  A big change for us, is that we will only be providing housekeeping service for your day of arrival and not entering again until you check out. 

Upon every departure, a deep cleaning and sanitation will be completed. Guest rooms will be electrostatically disinfected each time an employee enters or exits the room. If you need towels or linens refreshed, we ask you to text us for drop off services only.  All staff are required to wear masks and gloves at all times and maintain 6 feet of social distance. For stays longer than 4 nights, we will be offering housekeeping services only upon request.   If service is requested, housekeeping staff will only enter a guest room if it is otherwise unoccupied. Housekeepers and guests will not be in the same guest room at the same time. 

Extra Attention to High-Touch Areas: Housekeeping staff will focus extra attention on the most frequently touched guest room areas – light switches, door handles, phones, TV remotes, A/C Remotes, and hardware – and high-traffic common areas. These areas/items – in addition to all normally serviced areas of the room – will be treated with EPA/OSHA-approved disinfecting cleaning agents.

Hospital-Grade Electrostatic Disinfection: Both before and after cleaning, guest rooms will be treated with a non-toxic disinfectant solution of 4306ppm sodium dichloros-triazinetrione delivered via electrostatic sprayer (the same technology deployed in hospitals). The room will be re-sanitized any time a staff member enters the room. Hygienically Wrapped Bath Linens and guest amenities. Cleaned and sanitized guest bath linens will be provided in a hygienically sealed package at the beginning of the stay. Replacements will be provided upon request in the same packaging.

Declutter Paper and Decorative Amenities. We have removed decorative and paper collateral items from the rooms. Items have been substituted with digital, where appropriate.


The safety and security of our employees is crucial. Below are the action steps we’ve implemented for everyone’s safety:

(1) Training. Upon returning to work, employees will be trained on: (a) proper use and disposal of PPE; (b) safe disposal of potentially infected materials; (c) social distancing protocols; (d) handwashing protocols; (e) reducing/eliminating physical contact; (f) symptoms of COVID-19; (g) the importance of not coming to work if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; (h) self-screening at home, including temperature and/or symptom checks using CDC Guidelines; and (i) appropriate responses to incidents of potential infection.

(2) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Employees will be provided with personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves. Employees will be required to wear appropriate PPE based on their roles and responsibility and in compliance with state or local regulations. Based on local conditions and guidance, employees may be required to wear masks where it is difficult or impossible to maintain social distancing

(3) Social Distancing. Guests and employees will be reminded – via pre-stay communications and in-stay signage – to practice social distancing whenever possible while on the property. Signage and other markers will be provided to help guide appropriate social distancing practices.

(4) Hand Washing. Employees will be trained to wash hands (or use sanitizer) every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and after any of the following activities: using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, going on break, and before or after starting a shift.

(5) Sick Leave. Employees will be instructed to stay home from work if experiencing any symptom of COVID-19 or if they have been in contact with any individuals determined to have been infected with COVID-19. We will provide a flexible sick leave policy in accordance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to ensure that employees do not feel economic pressure to return to work where they or their families are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.