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Drumbirth | 2 Day Workshop |  January 26-27, 2019

$350 per person| Includes all materials and access

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In this workshop, we come together in a ceremony of creation overcoming many obstacles along the way. We bond with the medicine of the drum, as we infuse our energy and intentions, becoming their caretakers. In the same way, the drums will become our teachers and our healers for as long as we walk with them on our spiritual path.

The one-sided “Shaman’s Hand Drum” is constructed with Elk or Deer hides, Maple or Cedar Frames, and sinew. Each participant will paint their own frame and have the opportunity to learn some traditional drum songs Together we will birth our drums and offer gratitude to the spirits who made them possible.

“The drum is our very ancient grandfather. It will guide us with its rhythm on the pilgrimage to the four cardinal points of the universe”.

-Marakame Don Jose Luis Ramirez