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Floating Soundbath Series x Kassia Meador

Fall and Winter Series |  2019

Malibu based professional surfboard goddess Kassia Meador will be hosting a series of a “one of a kind” Floating Soundbath here at Two Bunch Palms. As seen in Rolling Stone magazine, immerse in the healing powers of the healing mineral water and float while the sound + vibration of the crystal singing bowls travel right through your body.

Go with the flow as this three dimensional experience  promotes inner awareness and allows the brain to reach a state where it emits theta waves. Space is limited please contact for more details or to reserve your space.

Floating Soundbath Series Schedule

12/27 9pm $65pp
12/28: 1pm $65pp | $100 Off Property Guests
12/28: 4:30pm $65pp | $100 Off Property Guests
12/28: 8pm $65pp
12/29 11:30 am | $100 Off Property Guests
Add CBD to any sound bath experience for $20.