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Experience Desert X at Two Bunch Palms

February 9 – April 21, 2019

Coachella Valley, CA


Two Bunch Palms is pleased to announce a partnership with Desert X featuring the work of Kathleen Ryan on the grounds of Two Bunch Palms from February 9th – April 30th. Here, Kathleen’s 20-ft sculpture, titled Ghost Palm sits in all its glory. Kathleen Ryan, a California native, creates large-scale sculptural works often made with heavy-duty industrial materials such as metal and stone – unnatural materials sculpted to mimic soft, organic forms of nature. Ghost Palm is an echo of natural form – a meticulous reconstruction of the largest palm species native to California, the Washingtonia filifera (desert fan palm). Ghost Palm is a manifestation of the artist’s fascination with the tenuous balance between fragility and power. Ryan’s version of this iconic palm is constructed with manmade materials: steel, plastics, and glass. While it is a substantially scaled man-made structure, it is essentially transparent, almost invisible. It becomes visible only when it catches reflections of the sun like a faceted crystal. Ghost Palm mimics what already exists in proximity to it, repositioning itself in nature in an homage. It makes visible our bodily connection to these sites, to the churning of the earth beneath us, and the natural forces we humbly exist within and among.

Book a room at Two Bunch Palms during the Desert X exhibition dates and receive a special package on Desert + Spring rooms, as well as spa treatments using promo code DZTX19.

Don’t forget to ask the Front Desk how to book a tour of Desert X, available every weekend during the exhibition.

To explore Desert X further and plan the rest of your experience, please check out the complete Calendar of Events for Desert X.

Desert X, produced by Desert Biennial, is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2015 with a mission to bring the finest international artists to the Coachella Valley to create art, engage viewers, and focus attention on the valley’s environment – its natural wonders as well as the socio-political-economic issues that make it vibrant, curious, and exciting.

Terms and conditions apply, see reservation policy for details.


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