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The Spa

From our historic spa and popular outdoor treatment gazebos, to river rock alcoves, to outdoor showers, and Watsu pools, there are moments everywhere to enjoy relaxing therapies custom-designed for you.


Simply known as the ‘Desert Spa’ in the 1940s, Two Bunch Palms has long been renowned for its healing treatments performed by experienced intuitives.

  • Sunday – Wednesday

    9:00am – 7:00pm

  • Thursday – Saturday

    9:00am – 8:00pm

All guests must be over the age of 18 to access the resort.

The Menu

The Spa at Two Bunch Palms is internationally recognized for the skills and experience of its healers. Our therapists and aestheticians bring decades of treatment experience, and develop a deep connection to the spirit of our space. Call us at (760) 676-5000 to learn more about our professional therapists and aesthetician, and click here to review our Spa Etiquette policy. Download Spa Price List. An automatic gratuity will be applied to all services.


Take your first step towards wellness with these treatments designed with your overall well-being in mind.

Green Your Body

90 minutes $200

Ultimate skin renewal that strips down, burns up (detoxifies), calms, nourishes and gently rebuilds the body using organic essential oils. Includes a skin brushing, skin polishing with natural pumice, a scalp infusion experience, an optional face massage, and deeply relaxing cocoon wrap, followed by an intuitive massage.


90 minutes $200

This profoundly balancing therapy works on the back of the body and focuses primarily on the spine. A 20 step process using 10 essential oils for back pain and the nervous and immune systems. This potent treatment remains active in the body for five to seven days, and is ideal for stress, back pain, jet lag, exhaustion, and low energy.

Mood Enhancing

90 minutes $200

A multi-sensory treatment focused on increasing vitality; grounding the body, releasing tension to quiet the mind and let go of fear, grief, and regrets. The treatment focuses on the meridians and includes a gentle skin exfoliation; Ayurvedic lymphatic release massage, hydrating facial mask, cold stone nourishment, penetrating scalp application, and a healing foot treatment.

Wellness for Cancer

90 minutes $155

Experience our Mindful Touch Massage by our certified Wellness for Cancer therapists. Included in this 90-minute session is a 15-minute pretreatment consultation, a 60-minute massage ranging from ‘Mindfull Touch’ pressure to medium (depending on stage of cancer) combined with energy healing, and a post 15-minute rest and recovery period.

Facial Skincare

The skin on our face, hands, and feet needs special treatment to nourish and protect. All facial treatments start with a skin analysis to ensure that a treatment and product are right for you. All facials include extractions and massage to the face, hands, neck, and shoulders.

Two Bunch Palms Custom Facial

60 minutes $135

This deeply restorative face treatment softens, tightens, balances, and brightens thanks to its exclusive blend of 20 organic botanical extracts, vitamins, shea butter, honeysuckle, and more. Formulated for all skin types.

Dry Skin Renewal

60 minutes $135

Developed to help combat the damaging effects of dry environments, hereditary dryness, and intense medical treatments, this facial helps heal the skin, protect the barrier, prevent scarring, and restore moisture to the skin.

Bright Balance

60 minutes $145

This brightening, balancing facial includes an effective exfoliating system along with advanced whitening products to even out skin tone and improve skin texture.

Pro Collagen

60 minutes $155

This powerful yet relaxing pro collagen facial uses high concentrations of vitamin C and time released retinols. The advanced and green technology will help boost the skin’s collagen production for immediate and long lasting results.

Skin Refining

60 minutes $145

This two part natural exfoliation includes a skin-smoothing scrub followed by a results oriented enzyme. They work together to increase suppleness and hydration. A customized mineral mask will leave your skin glowing.


60 minutes $155

This 30 percent peel is formulated for both acneic and mature skin. Also suitable for all skin types with minimal downtime. The revealed underlying skin is replenished, leaving the skin looking more youthful and refined.

OxyGeneo Facial

Introducing a breakthrough skincare solution that delivers three effective treatments simultaneously: excellent facial skin exfoliation, maximum nutrient infusion and absorption, and natural skin oxygenation. Taking its inspiration from natural hot springs, the OxyGeneo™ technology immediately softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, brightens, hydrates and nourishes the skin, revitalizes dull complexion, and improves the overall facial appearance.

The three aspects of an OxyGeneo treatment are:


It removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, similar to a gentle microdermabrasion.

Skin rejuvenation:

It infuses the skin with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants.


It produces carbon dioxide bubbles that gently burst on the skin’s surface, which then stimulates oxygen-rich blood flow to the area and greater absorption of the actives.

50 minutes $175
75 minutes $209

Men’s Facial

Experience immediate results from formulations designed specifically to address men’s daily concerns. From deep exfoliation to hydration and protection, each step is tailored to promote a healthy handsome complexion.

Pure PerforMANce Face Treatment

60 minutes $135

75 minutes $179 includes an anti-gravity skin-firming masque and foot massage

Desert Oasis FaceTime for Men

75 minutes $179
90 minutes $199 with back extractions

Facial Enhancements

All facial enhancements can be added to any facial bookings.

Quick Lift

45 minutes $95

Relax with instant results! This facial add-on treatment combines advanced anti-aging technology to produce fast results without the downtime. Micro-current technology lifts, firms, and contours your jawline, cheeks, and eye areas. The treatment is finished with a photo light therapy to soften and plump the skin so you can look fresh, bright, and well-rested. Great treatment just prior to a special event or photoshoot.

Glycolic & Paraffin Treatment

15 minutes $35

Experience the ultimate intensive treatment to soften and renew your hands and feet. We start with gently massaging a powerfully exfoliating lotion onto your hands and feet, then enveloping your hands and feet in warm paraffin to seal in moisture. A final application of a hydrating lotion deeply moisturizes your skin.

Back & Shoulder Deep Cleansing Masque & Extraction

45 minutes $95

Hydrating Hand & Foot Treatment

45 minutes $95

A cool glycolic exfoliation followed by a warm application of ultra-rich botanical emollients gently massaged into your hands and feet.

Immersion Therapies

Water Therapy: Still or Sparkling


Enjoy the mineral springs in your own time and pace – immersion and soulful rest. Available 24/7 to all guests. 
Why not try combining a 60 minute massage with ‘taking the waters’ for deeper relaxation and therapeutic benefit?



Just add movement! These treatments incorporate soaking while being placed in
 highly effective and beautifully choreographed shiatsu and yoga-like postures.

WATSU® / Water Shiatsu

60 minutes $145

90 minutes $199

Experience the sensation of floating in the clouds! In the privacy of our WATSU® pools, a gentle shiatsu-based treatment, including stretches and subtle energy point work increases flexibility, evokes peace, and restores balance.

Aqua Soma

60 minutes $135

Fluid, yoga-like movements maximize the water’s resistance to gently open the neck, spine, and joints of the body.

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.

Moss, Mineral and Mud

Please advise your treatment advisor of any health conditions that may be contraindicative to this experience.

As seen in the movie The Player, the mud baths at Two Bunch Palms are legendary. This unique experience allows you to float weightless in a tub filled with a mixture of peat moss and our mineral-rich clay and waters. Not for the faint of heart, die-hard mud bathers come back again and again.

Bask and Bake

30 minutes $89 per person

Immerse your body in a private mud tub for up to 20 minutes and lounge for five more on a private sun deck.

Mud Bath & Herbal Poultice Massage

60 minutes $135

A full immersion mud bath followed by a massage using poultices filled with herbs to soothe and detoxify are applied to the body with a warm essential blend of oils.

Mud Bath and Arnica Wrap

60 minutes $135

Still the mind and calm the nervous system with a mud bath followed by a anti-inflammatory arnica flower wrap and scalp massage.

Massage Therapy

Service times include a brief consultation with your therapist to allow for personalization. Our body services utilize our custom massage oils to personalize your experience.

Two Bunch Massage (light to medium pressure)

60 minutes $135

90 minutes $189

Arnica Therapeutic Massage (firm pressure)

60 minutes $155

90 minutes $209

Pre-Natal Massage (light to medium pressure)

60 minutes $135

With a blend of mother-and-baby safe organic oils to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, you will enjoy a relaxing massage which releases tired muscles.

Aromatherapy Alchemy (light to medium pressure)

60 minutes $155

Your therapist will turn alchemist and blend a formula of the finest essential oils designed to meet your needs and desires in the moment. Pressure is light or medium.

Herbal Hot Stones

80 minutes $179

Warm signature herbal oil applied to your skin helps relax the body while smooth, hot basalt rocks are used to melt knotted muscles. The deep, penetrating heat combines with the soothing, intuitive touch of the therapist to melt away tension.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

60 minutes $145

Applying hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains that are warmed to massage the body in specific combinations. Himalayan salt also imparts 87 vitamins and minerals back into the body.

Myofascial Release

60 minutes $145

A form of body work that seeks to rebalance tension in the fascia that stores memories of physical trauma. Long stretching strokes are utilized to release muscular tension and restriction in the tissue layer (fascia) that connects all muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

7 Centers Chakra

90 minutes $215

In this treatment we use seven unique, luxurious oils, each of which is vibrationally attuned to one of the seven chakras and their corresponding colors. Using these seven oils, this treatment invites relaxation and aligns the chakras so that your energy can flow in a balanced way. You have nothing to do but relax and receive the treatment as a journey within.

Eastern Inspiration & Energy Modalities

The long-range impacts of these treatments are profound, even though they may be initially experienced as subtle. These treatments require specialized training and do not include typical massage strokes.

The Healing Earth Treatment

90 minutes $189

Receive blessings for your physical and emotional body utilizing universal energy. This transformational ceremony includes a Desert Sand scrub, an anointing with oil, and a massage with a tincture of desert herbs to cleanse and awaken your spirit.

Desert Abhyanga

60 minutes $145 (1 therapist)
60 minutes $259 (2 therapists)

A Rhythmic programmed massage, using the oils of wild-harvested desert plants, gently balances and calms your body, mind, and spirit in the tradition of East Indian Ayurveda.

Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes $135

Light, graceful work rhythmically activates the ‘lymphatic pump’ reducing fluid accumulation trapped in tissue and mobilizing toxins.

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes $135
90 minutes $179

This subtle energy treatment uses very light touch to resolve trauma in the nervous system by allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow more freely, thereby inducing deep relaxation and well-being. This is not a massage.


60 minutes $135
90 minutes $179

Laying hands gently on or over the body, your therapist becomes a conduit for universal energy which then flows into your body, replenishes your depleted reserves, and rejuvenates your life force. This is not a massage.

Scalp & Reflexology

60 minutes $150

This therapy focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of your feet and hands to balance the meridians of the body. Includes a scalp massage to energize nerve points.

Sound Bowl Healing

60 minutes $150
90 minutes $187

Surrender to a harmonious healing sound that renews each and every cell in your body.

Body Therapy

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, serving as a protective barrier and expelling toxins through sweat and oil. In developing the following treatments, we have taken into consideration the permeable nature of the skin as well as its many functions to select products that exfoliate, cleanse, and strengthen it naturally.


60 minutes $165
90 minutes (including 30 minute massage) $209

A profoundly relaxing treatment that utilizes the frequency of castor oil to help restore harmony to the nervous system, rejuvenate the lymphatic system, soothe the digestive system, and strengthen the immune system. The treatment begins with a dry brushing to stimulate the lymph system. A castor oil pad is applied to your abdomen before you are cocooned in warmth and treated to a nurturing scalp and foot massage.

Grotto Salt Glow

90 minutes $179

Mineral water flows continuously while Epsom salts relax muscles and clear away layers of lackluster skin. Finish with a hydrating Bliss Massage.

Sweet Palm Body Polish

60 minutes $145

A Two Bunch Palms favorite, this highly moisturizing treatment combines babasu oil, turbinado sugar, and essential oils of jasmine and organic citrus. Incorporating a scrub, wrap, and hydrating oil application, this treatment first exfoliates then hydrates, delighting your skin and your senses.

Cahuilla Clay Wrap

90 minutes $179

This profoundly detoxifying wrap begins with a full-body dry brushing followed by the application of a creamy clay mixture that draws out toxins while replenishing the minerals in your skin. After a shower, you’ll round out the experience with a massage that moisturizes your skin with an essential oil blend of frankincense and myrrh.

Bohemian Body Essence

90 minutes $189

The ultimate gift to oneself or a loved one gives top-to-toe indulgence and leaves you hydrated, refreshed, and satin-soft. Includes a babasu polish, wildflower wrap, shea butter massage, hair treatment, and mini-facial.

Over the years, we have offered several treatments that remain favorites among our repeat guests. Our spa providers are extremely diverse with many gifts to offer. If there is a healing arts modality that you enjoy and it is not listed, we welcome your request.

To Be Shared

For many, Two Bunch Palms is an experience to share with a partner, loved one, or close friend. We’ve developed numerous treatments to be enjoyed together. When selecting a treatment, please remember that some of these, such as the Roman Tub, create an intimacy that are best suited for couples.

Two Bunch Massage (light to medium pressure)

60 minutes $135
90 minutes $189

Share the experience of your personalized massages as you lie side-by-side in one of our cozy couple’s rooms.

Arnica Therapeutic Massage (firm pressure)

60 minutes $155

90 minutes $209

Custom Roman Bath Ritual

90 minutes $169

An intimate experience for couples, one hour bliss massage followed by 25 minutes in a private, candle-lit Roman bath with magnesium rich salts and a Lavender aromatic oil blend.

Watsu® à Deux

60 minutes $135
90 minutes $189

Bask and Bake

30 minutes $89

Private side-by-side mud baths are an experience couples and friends love to share. Immerse your body in a private mud tub for up to 25 minutes and lounge for five more on a private sun deck.

Mud Bath & Herbal Poultice Massage

60 minutes $135

A full immersion mud bath followed by a massage using poultices filled with herbs to soothe and detoxify are applied to the body with a warm essential blend of oils.

Mud Bath and Arnica Wrap

60 minutes $135

Still the mind and calm the nervous system with a mud bath followed by an anti-inflammatory arnica flower wrap and scalp massage.

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.

Two Bunch Briefly

A selection of short ADD-ON treatments to enhance your massage or body therapy. 
Available as a stand-alone treatment for an additional $10 BASED ON AVAILABILITY.

Desert Rescue Hair & Scalp Treatment

30 minutes $89

Rosemary essential oil, vitamin e oil, jojoba, aloe Vera, olive oil, and organic hair conditioner deeply condition and invigorate your scalp, neck, and hair during this blissful add-on treatment.

Two Bunch Body Buff

30 minutes $89

For skin glowing with full natural radiance, a conditioning and moisturizing body polish.


30 minutes $99

Activation of reflex point on the feet and hands balance the neurological and organ systems of the body.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (light to medium pressure)

30 minutes $99

Natural Nail Care

Enjoy a beautifully relaxing manicure or pedicure that includes exfoliations, masks, and massage.


30 minutes $45


60 minutes $80

Manicure & Pedicure


Add on:

French Polish

Polish Change

Hydrating Hand & Foot Treatment

45 minutes $95

A cool glycolic exfoliation followed by a warm application of ultra-rich botanical emollients gently massaged into your hands and feet.

Shaman Healing

Experience one of the most ancient and sacred healing traditions found in many indigenous cultures. Shamanism is not a specific belief system, but seeks to become a pathway to connect you to nature and spirit, the source of all things. A shamanistic journey seeks to balance and clear energy, and can bring you to a heightened consciousness where you unlock and heal old wounds and/or awaken to intuitive, spiritual guidance. The shamanic approach to healing can involve journeying into your past, your ancestors or past lives, instruments to clear and raise your energetic vibration, and other coaching techniques to help reduce the distractions within your normal way of thinking to move you towards your highest possible awareness of your gifts. Our Shaman borrows from many traditions but is rooted in teachings found in Peruvian Shamanism.

Your shaman session begins with an exploratory conversation with our resident shaman to allow her to facilitate cleansing of imbalance from your past, present, and future and guide your direction of healing.

Shaman Clearing Session

60 minutes $245

Your shaman session may include one or more of the following: journey for self-healing, ancestral healing, generational healing, soul retrieval, and destiny retrieval to name a few. These ancient techniques create more ease for your everyday life and alignment with your highest goals including health, relationships, and finances.

Journey with a Shaman

60 minutes $245

Meet with our resident shaman who will guide you on a special journey after discussing your life’s desires. Your unique journey induced by rhythmic drumming and percussion will assist you in aligning with your purpose and passion. The shaman will guide you to initiate conversations with your body, recognize your highest vibration, or take you through an insightful journey to find your power animal.

Creating a Mythic Map to Your Destiny

90 minutes $295

Experience your shaman clearing session and create an opportunity to anchor your transformation. Mythic mapping is a gift of the shaman who encourages insightful ways to get your mind on board with the multi-dimensional healing that you experienced. Mapping is the process of looking at your physical, emotional, soulful, and spiritual levels through your health, relationships, emotions, and work. This session will help you play out your personal myths, change the archetypes, and access the gifts of healthier ones.

Blessing Ceremony

90 minutes $295

When you have a special occasion that you would like to be celebrated, our resident shaman offers a sacred prayer/blessing bundle for you to give your wishes and desires to spirit. This beautiful creation in the Peruvian tradition is called a Despacho. Your Despacho is then given to the fire through a fire ceremony where it is taken to spirit to be answered. This process includes a clearing of your energy field and rites of initiation that align your vibration with your highest desires. Examples of celebrations are: birthdays, weddings, births, engagements, deaths, a new job, new relationships, etc.

Packages & Special Offers

Escape to our private desert oasis and take in the waters. Treat yourself to a day of peace and serenity.

Learn more

World Away Spa Day

  • One 60-minute spa treatment, gratuity included
  • Lunch at Essense restaurant
  • Soaking in our award-winning hot mineral springs
  • All-day access to daily movement and enrichment classes

$195 Monday – Thursday | $225 Friday – Sunday & Holidays

Guests choose from a select list of 12 services.

Mineral Hot Springs
Learn more

Day Soakers Pass

  • Choose from morning or afternoon soak in our award-winning mineral springs waters
  • Locker, robe & slippers provided
  • Lunch at Essense restaurant
  • Daily movement and enrichment classes

$99 Monday – Thursday through September 3rd.

Morning Soak 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Afternoon Soak 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Spa Mud Bath Treatment
Learn more

Twilight Thursday

  • One 60-minute spa treatment plus $20 gratuity
  • Soaking in our Award-winning Hot Mineral Springs “Grotto”
  • Afternoon Programing Classes

$129  Every Thursday 4:00 – 8:00pm

Stay for Communal Night at Essense: Live Music | Organic Cocktails | Menu of Sharable Plates. 60-minute spa treatment from select list of 12

Sound Bowl
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Seasonal Treatment

Sound Bowl Healing

  • Surrender to a harmonious healing sound used to clear and re-balance the energy in your body.

$115 for 60-minutes per treatment

Natural Hot Springs Grotto
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Wellness for Cancer

  • Pre-treatment consultation
  • 60-minute massage ranging from ‘mindful touch’ pressure to medium (depending on stage of cancer) combined with energy healing
  • Post rest & recovery period
  • Gratuity included
  • Lunch at Essense Restaurant
  • Soaking in our award-winning hot mineral springs
  • All-day access to daily movement and enrichment classes

$225 Monday – Friday

Available to all cancer patients and survivors.