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The Spa

From our historic spa and popular outdoor treatment gazebos, to river rock alcoves, to outdoor showers, and Watsu pools, there are moments everywhere to enjoy relaxing therapies custom-designed for you.


Simply known as the ‘Desert Spa’ in the 1940s, Two Bunch Palms has long been renowned for its healing treatments performed by experienced intuitives.

  • Sunday – Wednesday

    9:00am – 7:00pm

  • Thursday – Saturday

    9:00am – 8:00pm

All guests must be over the age of 18 to access the resort.

The Menu

The Spa at Two Bunch Palms is internationally recognized for the skills and experience of its healers. Our therapists and aestheticians bring decades of treatment experience, and develop a deep connection to the spirit of our space. Call us at (760) 676-5000 to learn more about our professional therapists and aesthetician, and click here to review our Spa Etiquette policy. An automatic gratuity will be applied to all services.

Facial Therapy

The skin on our face, hands, and feet needs special treatment to nourish and protect. All facial treatments start with a skin analysis to ensure that a treatment and product are right for you. All facials include extractions and massage to the face, hands, neck, and shoulders.

Two Bunch Palms Custom Facial

60 minutes $155

This deeply restorative face treatment softens, tightens, balances, and brightens thanks to its exclusive blend of 20 organic botanical extracts, vitamins, shea butter, honeysuckle, and more. Formulated for all skin types.

Oxygeneo Facial

50 minutes $195

This state-of-the-art facial includes extractions, exfoliation, rejuvenation and oxygenation.

Men’s Performance Facial

60 minutes $155

This facial is designed for men and uses products formulated especially for men’s skin.

Facial Enhancements

Glyco-Shea Hand & Foot Hydration


Glycolic and shea butter to smooth and moisten hands and feet.

Facial Add-ons

Quick Lift

30 minutes $95

This add-on uses microcurrent technology to lift, firm and contour.


30 minutes $95

This high-intensity chemical peel is especially effective for acneic and mature skin.

Hand & Foot Treatment

30 minutes $95

Exfoliation and lotions smooth, hydrate and soften feet and hands.

Mud Therapy

Please advise your treatment advisor of any health conditions that may be contraindicative to this experience.

As seen in the movie The Player, the mud baths at Two Bunch Palms are legendary. This unique experience allows you to float weightless in a tub filled with a mixture of peat moss and our mineral-rich clay and waters. Not for the faint of heart, die-hard mud bathers come back again and again.

Mud Bath

30 minutes $95

20 minutes soaking in clay and peat moss results in deep relaxation and moistened skin. The Mixture is aromatic.

Mud Bath Add-ons

Herbal Poultice

30 minutes $65

Complement your mud bath experience with a light massage using a muslin bag of herbs soaked in warm water to enhance detox.

Arnica Wrap

30 minutes $65

Complement your mud bath experience with a wrap using arnica to relieve sore and aching muscles

Water Therapy

Water Shiatsu

60 minutes $155

The effects of light shiatsu techniques are enhanced by being floated in warm, private pool.

Water Yoga

60 minutes $155

Stretches based on Hatha Yoga open the body and free the spine. This meditative experience ends with quiet, still chakra balancing.

Massage Therapy

Service times include a brief consultation with your therapist to allow for personalization. Our body services utilize our custom massage oils to personalize your experience.

TBP Custom Massage

60 minutes $155
90 minutes $200

This Swedish massage uses light to firm touch to enhance circulation and produce deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes $185

Deep therapeutic touch helps release chronic muscle soreness.

Myofascial Release

60 minutes $155

Using gentle, sustained pressure, this technique helps eliminate muscle pain and restore range of motion to joints.

Desert Abhyanga

60 minutes $155

A light, rhythmic massage using warm, scented oil to relax the body, soothe the mind and energize the Chakras.

Ayurvedic (Two Therapists)

60 minutes $265

This programmed synchronized massage by two therapists using warm, scented oil is traditionally used to enhance detox programs.

Chakra Balance Massage

120 minutes $295

Seven oils matched to the seven Chakras are used in this full body massage.

Herbal Hot Stones

80 minutes $195

Using the time-honored technique of alternating warm and cold stones, this full body massage relaxing muscles and stimulates circulation.

Pre-Natal Massage

60 minutes $155

A light, Swedish-style massage using side-lying techniques for women in the fifth month or later.


60 minutes $155

Light, rhythmic pressure on specific areas promotes drainage of lymphatic fluid which has accumulated in the body. This aids in detox.

Massage Enhancements



Choose from a selection of Aromatherapy based oils

Massage Add-ons

Sugar Scrub

30 minutes $85

This full-body Babassu Sugar scrub can begin any massage treatment. It includes 5 minutes to shower off the excess grains.


30 minutes $85

Hand foot reflexology stimulates pressure points to promote overall health.

Mineral Bath Soak

30 minutes $85

Complete your massage with a soak in a private tub filled with mineral water, Himalayan and Epsom salts, and lavender essential oil.

Scalp Oil Massage

30 minutes $85

Warmed olive oil with jojoba, vitamin E and rosemary followed by chilled aloe vera gel and conditioner.

TBP Custom Massage (Add-on)

30 minutes $65

Continue your massage with an additional half hour of light to firm Swedish.

Body Therapy

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, serving as a protective barrier and expelling toxins through sweat and oil. In developing the following treatments, we have taken into consideration the permeable nature of the skin as well as its many functions to select products that exfoliate, cleanse, and strengthen it naturally.


Renew YOUR Body

90 minutes $225

This aromatherapy exfoliates, detoxes, and nourishes the body. This treatment can be enhanced with a 30 minute massage.

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes $155
90 minutes $195

Gentle and feather-light manipulations of the bones of the sacrum, spine and cranium promotes free flow of spinal fluid and a deep state of repose.

Desert Detox Clay Wrap

90 minutes $195

A gently dry brushing to aid lymph drainage is followed by an application of clay mixed with aloe gel. During the wrap, you receive a face, neck and scalp massage and followed by a full body massage.


Rebalance YOUR Body

90 minutes $225

This aromatherapy treatment enhances vitality, grounds the body, and releases emotional tensions.


60 minutes $155
90 minutes $195

This hands-on energy treatment uses universal energy to balance the etheric body to promote health and wellbeing.

Sound Vibration Healing

60 minutes $145
90 minutes $175

Tibetan Healing Bowls are used to break up negative vibrational patterns and bring about a healthy, positive pattern.


60 minutes $155

The healing energy of mindful touch is channeled into this comforting massage, preceded by a short consultation and followed with a rest and recovery period.



90 minutes $225

This aromatherapy focuses on the spine, using 10 essential oils and 20 steps to relive back pain, balance the nervous system and stimulate the immune system.

Salt Glow with Himalayan Salt Stone

120 minutes $255

First, your body is exfoliated with custom blend of Himalayan and Epsom Salts and our mineral water, then a short session in the sauna, a mineral shower, a liniment rubdown, and Himalayan Salt Stone Massage.

Salt Glow

90 minutes $225

First, your body is exfoliated with custom blend of Himalayan and Epsom Salts and our mineral water, then a short session in the sauna, a mineral shower, and a liniment rubdown.

Sweet Palm Sugar Body Scrub

60 minutes $155

Our sugar scrub uses Babassu Oil and Citrus essential oils to exfoliate and nourish your skin. The wrap includes a scalp massage and is followed by a brief shower and a full body application using shea butter.

Bohemian Body Essence

90 minutes $195

This multifaceted treatment includes a sugar scrub, massage with shea butter, wrap with scalp massage using a special blend oil, and concludes with a face massage with prickly pear facial oil.

Body Therapy Add-ons

TBP Custom Massage (ADD ON)

30 minutes $65

Continue your body treatment with an additional half hour Swedish massage.

Hair Conditioning with Scalp Massage


Natural Nail Care

Enjoy a beautifully relaxing manicure or pedicure that includes exfoliations, masks, and massage.


30 minutes $35


60 minutes $55

Manicure & Pedicure


Personal Wellness Sessions

All private Sessions are an in-depth individual or group experiences using the skills for personal insight, awareness and answers to your LIFE.

Shaman Clearing Session

60 minutes $245
90 minutes Couples Session $225 per person

Clearing thoughts, emotions and energy to find answers to your past, yourself and align with your sacred destiny.

Shaman Journey Session

60 minutes $245
90 minutes Couples Session $225 per person

Guided on a journey to find answers to your past and future.

Mythic Path to Your Destiny

90 minutes $295

Combination of a Shaman Clearing or Journey Session plus a process for getting your mind on board with your experience.

Blessing Ceremony

90 minutes $285
each additional guest $50

Participate in a blessing ceremony of creating your dreams, with clearing and rite of enlightenment.

Angel Readings

30 minutes $100
60 minutes $200
each additional guest $75

Hear from the angels the information you need to guide you down your perfect path.

Hypnotherapy Session

60 minutes $200
each additional guest $75

Experience a session for pain block, past life regression, stress reduction, stop smoking.

Spiritual Counselling

60 minutes $150.00
each additional guests $50

Explore personal growth through guidance from the wisdom of the masters.


60 minutes $150
each additional guest $50

Receive your own personalized meditation techniques.

Personal Wellness Classes

All private Classes are exact replicas of our Wellness Classes for a Group Experience.

Harmonic Sound Vibrations Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guests $50

Experience Vibrations of the crystal chakra bowls and gongs.

Angel Readings Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $50

Each guests draws 1 angel card to receive information you need to understand your life’s path.

Shaman Class

60 minutes $200
each additional guest $50

Take a journey to other dimensions to find your answers to life.

Spiritual Counseling Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $25

Explore wisdom from different teachings in a discussion of life.

Meditation Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $25

Be guided through a variety of meditations to bring in more love, prosperity and health.

Qigong Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guests $25

Experience this gentle, powerful system of healing to cleanse, strengthen and circulate your life energy.

Painting Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $25

Be guided and inspired through soulful art.

Yoga/Pilates Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $25

Take a personalized experience on land, water, through movement.

Drum Circle Class

60 minutes $150
each additional guest $50

Participate in a healing, connecting, insightful drumming experience for your mind/body/soul.