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Waters & Sustainability

A holistic approach to conservation and sustainability

Two Bunch Palms Landscape
Pool Lounges


Two Bunch Palms takes a holistic approach to conservation and sustainability and every aspect of our operation takes this into account. From using produce grown locally in our restaurant, to irrigating with recycled water, to using biodegradable cleaning and treatment products, and generating our electricity from 100% renewable sources, we strive to meet and surpass sustainable goals, and become a leader and example in the marketplace.

Our legendary Springs feature a large mineral water pool that is carefully kept at an ideal temperature.

The unique composition of this mineral water is world famous for its therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties: low in sulfur and rich in lithium. Once immersed in our waters, you’ll experience a level of nourishment and rejuvenation never felt before. Guests will also find three large teak tubs where you can adjust the natural mineral water temperature, as well as three additional concrete mineral water soaking pools.


Natural Mineral Resort Baths
Two Bunch Palms Natural Mineral Hot Springs

H2O Analysis

Two Bunch Palms is home to the famed mineral springs that descend from Miracle Hill. These waters have been flowing for 600 years under the surface, and see their first light of day as they flow into our pool at The Springs.

Solar Fields
Coachella Valley Solar Field

Our Solar Fields


  • Current Generation
    2,801 kWh
  • Generation to Date
    2,026,535 kWh
  • Environmental Benefits for Today
    Carbon Offset – 3,361 Lbs
  • Trees Saved
    1,364 Trees
  • Miles Driven
    1,754 Miles


At Two Bunch Palms we take great pride in operating in harmony with our environment. Whether it’s the use of naturally warmed waters from the springs at Miracle Hill, or the installation of a solar field that has allowed us to be the first carbon-neutral resort in America, we continually strive to protect and benefit from this special ecosystem.

Vintage Family at Two Bunch Palms
Vintage Two Bunch Palms Massage


The Coachella Valley, a vast lake as recently as 350 years ago, began to dry up in the early 1700s when the Colorado River changed course, leaving the barren Salton Sea and a patchwork of underground hot springs. The waters at Desert Hot Springs flowed from the hills to the north and pooled in the low lying areas. This oasis became a welcome respite for weary travelers. As early as 1857, a settler recorded the discovery of our site at Two Bunch Palms as a place to rest and find water, marked by two palm groves. In 1909, the US Army Camel Corps of Engineers surveyed the area and identified the location as “two bunches of palms.”


Due to the current global circumstances, we are temporarily closing the hotel through April, with a projected reopening date of May 1, 2020. As we are mindful of our staff and guests, this closure is part of our ongoing effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Reduced management and security will remain at Two Bunch to ensure the property is secure and maintained. We will also be monitoring the situation daily, posting new updates here as we learn more.

If you have questions regarding upcoming reservations, or would like to book a future stay, you may do so through our website or by emailing We can also be reached daily, by text message to 760.676.5000.

We can’t wait to have you back at our little oasis soon. Be well and stay safe.

Sincerely, The Two Bunch Palms Team