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Dani Burling

Resident Shaman; Program Ambassador; Reiki Master; Advanced Theta Healer; Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist; Drum Circle Facilitator; Sound Healer

Shaman Journey to Clear & Realign
Balancing Your Chakras & Your Destiny
Discover Your Power Animal
Shaman Blessing Honoring Your Dreams

Dani Burling has studied the fields of healing arts extensively for the past 26 years searching for her answers to life’s successes. She now brings the powerful healing of the ancient wisdom of the shaman which she has been teaching for 11 years now. These life-changing techniques have been reignited worldwide in the past 50 years because of their full spectrum of healing.

It wasn’t until Dani met a shaman, 16 years ago, that she began to find the puzzle pieces to a healthy, relationships, and a prosperous life. Her journey has lead her to Peru to train with the last of the Inka shaman and she has journeyed their with her students to study with these mystical medicine men and women, and participate and perform ceremonies with them at their renowned sacred sites such as Machu Picchu.

Dani has worked with students and clients facilitating physical, emotional, and energetic cleansing that realigns, balances, and heals the body, thoughts, and vibration. She considers herself a mentor as she strives to be an example of how the power of the shaman can manifest your dreams in the most unexpected ways possible. She hosted the leader of the Peruvian shamans, called the Q’ero, Francisco Chura Flores, who journeyed to bless the surrounding community, to teach beside him and participate in ceremonies known as Despachos (prayer blessings) for the many who traveled far to meet this sacred man.

Dani has studied the medicine wheel training, masters classes, sage programs, and rites of initiation to name a few with The Four Winds to perfect the shaman’s multi-dimensional healings of past, present, and future insights. Her journey began as a Registered Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Iridologist. After owning a health food store with a full practice, she began to explore the world of energy and became a Reiki Master, Advanced Thetahealer, and a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist. In her lifelong quest, she has trained extensively in various drumming protocols and sound healing.

Dani joins the Two Bunch Palms family as the resident shaman and program ambassador. She facilitates the shaman journeys, blessing, classes, private shaman sessions, oversees the over 200 wellness classes with approximately 20 instructors and will be conducting workshops and retreats in the near future.