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Donna Sacks

Channeler, Angels and Guides, Akashic Records

Messages from the Angels
Intention Saging
Creating a New Book of Life
Angel Workshop-Exploring Relationships

As an Akashic record reader, she is able to connect to the source to provide you with information that is needed in this incarnation. She can help you find what your rays of incarnation are, which will assist you with finding out what your life’s purpose is on Earth at this present moment. By helping connect you with past lives, she can heal by clearing blockages that affect the present day. She can connect you with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and help connect you with your spirit guides.

At this very special time on Earth, Donna comes to assist you with any blocked energy or unanswered questions. With her many gifts she can aid in freeing yourself from the fear and worry that has kept you blocked for many lifetimes and reunite to the remembrance of who you really are and what you can accomplish at this empowering time.