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Felina Danalis

CTI Co-Active Coach Training;
Tibetan Buddhism Teacher Training;
BS Foreign Service (magna cum laude)

Becoming Extraordinary
Water Meditation
Meditation to Slow Down to Get Ahead

Felina Danalis knows something about stress.

After working for years in stressful situations like doing international development at the World Bank and reconstruction work in post-conflict zones in the Balkans, a lifestyle of constant international travel, too much chocolate, and burning the candle at both ends caught up with her. Her shoulders were hunched up near her ears, she felt constant tension, and anxiety was her regular companion.

Something needed to change.

Felina turned to mindfulness-based stress reduction, meditation, and other spiritual practices more than a decade ago to begin to cultivate a far more sustainable, tranquil, and compassionate lifestyle.

The result?

Less stress, a more peaceful mind based on the skillful use of ever-present technology, better health through more sustainable eating and exercise, a deeper ability to roll with the punches in an ever changing world, and an experience of well-being in relationships, work, and life based on radical acceptance.

Today she helps men and women learn how to achieve the same results and to build mindful, intentional, and fulfilling wellness lifestyles, so that a spa vacation is a bonus and a pleasure (rather than a life-saving measure of last resort)!

She believes firmly that you can take the essential parts of a relaxing and serene wellness retreat at Two Bunch Palms home with you wherever in the world you may be and teaches her individual, corporate, and group clients and students to do so in simple, practical ways.

Her years as a student and teacher of Buddhist meditation and work with individuals and companies like Google, the Omega Center for Holistic Studies, the European Union, the Betty Ford Center, the United Nations, and others helps her meet the needs of clients around the world with all kinds of stressful jobs.

She has taught and coached everyone from emergency room doctors to Hollywood producers, lawyers, and social justice advocates, to stay-at-home parents all with an intention of helping them build a work-life equilibrium based on mindfulness, authenticity, spirituality, and sustainability.

After living in Europe for more than a decade, she currently lives in Palm Springs, California where she shares her passion for sensible sustainability with characteristic Mediterranean joie de vivre and humor.

She is honored to join the Two Bunch Palms family and in addition to leading enrichment classes, can be booked for private and group sessions for a more in-depth experience.