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Suzanne Barber

Holistic Nutritionist

Juicing, Stretch & Breathe, Nutrition
Paint, Play & Pinot

Suzanne Barber is a practicing Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Her approach is to simply feed the body real food as opposed to processed food products as often as possible. Nourishing the body is a process, and good wholesome food is essential for building positive minds and strong bodies! Her approach encompasses the entire mind, body, and spirit with programs designed for the specific needs of each individual- as we are all unique!

Her programs include all aspects of health and wellness ranging from cooking, shopping, self care, relaxation, exercise, and psychological well-being based upon specific environment. Her goal is encouraging and promoting balanced lifestyle choices and conditions that will be sustainable for long-term self care.

Having been in the health and wellness industry over 20 years Suzanne has gained a vast array of knowledge, experience, and expertise. She has trained hundreds of employees having opened over 50 spas in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Her passions remain studying, learning, and inspiring all to be their own personal best. She is an accomplished artist and writer with her own line of greeting cards produced in her studio in Laguna Beach, CA.