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Vicky Nelson

The Art of Transformation
Paint Your Possibilities
Revealing Your Strengths
Art of Creating Abundance
Art of Health & Wellness

Vicky was born in New York City and raised in London, England. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration from Hornsey College of Art, London. After getting her start as an art director at a London advertising agency she moved to New York City, where for the next 20 years she pursued a career working freelance as a graphic designer in Manhattan for steady corporate clients in the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries.

After September 11th impacted many of her clients’ businesses, Vicky did what many New Yorkers did – she moved upstate. With family, she obtained stewardship of the historic Woodbine Inn, Palenville, in a charming hamlet near Woodstock, NY. She personally directed and oversaw a complete renovation of the building, and then turned her hand to the interior decor. She placed an emphasis on light, color, texture, and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated but harmonious elements. Once renovations were complete, she opened a bed and breakfast and established a lively community Arts Center at the Inn. Classes in cooking and art were offered and a yoga and dance schedule was operated weekly. Occasional music and film performances were popular and well attended events .

As well as her talents in art and design, Vicky is a gifted cook, developing kitchen and hospitality skills as she prepared and served breakfast to her B&B guests in the Woodbine’s spacious eat-in kitchen. She also enjoyed personally catering and designing menus for small parties and events at the Inn.

After 10 years in operation, Vicky has closed her business and moved to the Coachella Valley. She is thrilled to enter a new phase of life here in California.